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Important Bitcoin Facts that Will Get You Up to Speed

The year 2017 marked many milestones for Bitcoin. It moved from the relatively unknown corners of the internet into the mass markets. It dominated news cycles while growing in value to the point where the informational demand for Bitcoin-related information and statistics now ranks among the most searched topics on Google.
According to recent studies, 80% of Americans have already heard about Bitcoin. However, more than half of those individuals don’t even know if Bitcoin is legal in America or not. This clearly represents a big disparity between the popularity of Bitcoin and what the average person actually knows about it.
Today, Bitcoin has a market cap of well over a quarter-billion USD and is simply too big to ignore. Bitcoin is now worth nearly twenty times more than it was around January 2017, and the appeal of learning, understanding and investing in Bitcoin is growing exponentially. Many of the world’s top Bitcoin exchanges have even gone as far as suspending new registrations.

Bitcoin Misinformation is Prevalent in the Marketplace

Bitcoin is a rocket ship that is reshaping the very way we thought about money and investing. Unfortunately, the demand for Bitcoin information has also created a large volume of misinformation that makes it difficult to ascertain the truths from the fiction.
This, coupled with a slew of neo-pundits that are all weighing in on a topic that is garnering more and more traffic, has led to many being unsure of where to actually get the Bitcoin facts that matter and are actually credible. A good example of this can be found in the ongoing debate on the possibility of Bitcoin being in a speculative bubble. A quick Google search of “Bitcoin bubble” will produce a plethora of opinions that are, in many cases, from people who truly don’t understand Bitcoin.

The problem with this widespread misinformation is that Bitcoin could potentially be the greatest transfer of wealth since the oil rush in the late 19th century. For many of us, the opportunity to build wealth is immense, and without access to credible information, few of us understand Bitcoin well enough to take advantage of this opportunity.
For those that are looking for credible information that has been curated and fact-checked to help the global understanding of the Bitcoin revolution, a great place to start are these 62 insightful facts about Bitcoin.



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