Apple Won’t Let Bitcoin Apps In Its App Store, But This Guy Found A Way Around All That

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Apple Won’t Let Bitcoin Apps In Its App Store, But This Guy Found A Way Around All That


Apple has decided to estrange itself to the Bitcoin community — the company has denied a number of apps entry to its App Store for having Bitcoin functionality. Some say it’s due to the unclear regulatory issues surrounding the currency.

Regardless, the takeaway is clear — no Bitcoin apps for non-jailbroken iOS users in the foreseeable future.

Or at least until this guy clears his crowdfunding goal.

Kyle Drake is asking the Internet for $55,000 in this Indiegogo campaign to build Coinpunk, an HTML 5 Web app that runs in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and others to handle all your Bitcoin transactions. By making it platform-agnostic and Web-based, entities like Apple won’t be able to block it.

Drake seems to already have a barebones version working. Check out his pitch video below to see him use Coin Punk to buy a Subway sandwich with Bitcoin.

In exchange for your monetary support, Drake is offering stickers, posters, and other perks. But where will that $55,000 go? They explain on their page:

We will use the funds to help developers working on Coinpunk pay living expenses, pay server and development bills, improve, fund improvements to watch-only address support, and conduct security audits. All of the funds will be stored in a cold wallet Bitcoin address, and we will document where Bitcoins are sent and why (and you will be able to confirm it via blockchain inspection).

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  1. 6-21-2014

    This is great post, I heard that they removed app from app store! WHy ther are against bitcoins?

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